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They say that life’s too short to create bad content…

…well, not if you’re a cat with 9 lives.

Hi, my name is Sol and I’m a digital content writer wannabe who loves to peruse content oddities on the net.

I help share the story of interesting brands and their people. Kind of.

But sometimes the ones I often come across that I want to help don’t want me at all.

Over the last years, I’ve only been dreaming, living a life I thought was real.

I got bored of dreaming and even got myself into some nasty trouble that I never imagined that would happen to me.

And since I’m stuck in this world, I decided to embark on a nonsense made-up career here online.

But ultimately, I’m looking for other crazy cats and dogs to join forces with me to get out of a dull world designed to inflict pain, agony, and misery over and over again.

Please, excuse the sarcasm if you find it offensive and/or confusing.

Just how is being dumb going to make the world a better place?

If everyone wants to be unique and I choose not to, would that make me unique anyway?

People I Paid for Awesome Testimonials

“Working with Solomon is a delight. Edited videos, captions and blogs are always done really well and timely. I don’t know how he does it considering we have a multitude of clients to serve and had to produce tons of contents in such a short time without compromising it’s quality. He often gets complimented from them with his work, sometimes even from our own client’s clients on social. So if you’re looking for creativity and dedication, Sol is your guy”Jo PeñalosaSocial Media Manager

“Sol has done great work in a timely manner. His constant quest to learn, adapt and apply professional lessons proves out Sol’s ability to be an active individual contributor and participant on any team. He is very pleasant and easy to work with. Sol is on top of his game and there is nobody that he wouldn’t help. Sol has been a pleasure to be associated with and always presents a positive approach to all his challenges.”Mark YoungFounder of Love Social Media

“If you’re looking for a quality content writer, then Sol is definitely someone you should consider working with. He’s professional, knowledgeable, and truly cares about helping his clients achieve the best possible results. I was impressed by the quality of copy he produced for me. If you’re looking for help with your copywriting needs, then Sol is the guy you need.”Ramunas BerkmanasDigital Marketing Specialist

Brands That I’ve Scammed